supporting evidence examples

supporting evidence examples

In rhetoric, when a person makes a claim or presents an argument, he needs to present evidence in support of his claim or argument, in order to establish the veracity of his statements. If there is no evidence, the claim stands quashed. The same is true with a case in law, where a case or litigation is quashed if there is no evidence to support the claim. However, literary evidence is only used in literature, essays, and research papers for persuasion and convincing purposes.
It is factual information that helps the reader reach a conclusion and form an opinion about something. Evidence is given in research work, or is quoted in essays and thesis statements, but is paraphrased by the writer. If it is given as it is, then it is quoted properly within quotation marks.

When I was little I did not know that there was something wrong with my mother. I thought that most mothers used canes and needed other peoples’ help to go up and down stairs. As I grew older, making sure that every location we visited was handicap accessible became a necessary part of making plans with my family. Not many children have a mother with MS, but no children have a mother who is as extraordinary as my mine. My mother has shown me how to develop the skills necessary to deal with any difficult situation: strength of will, optimism, and gratitude.
I have learned that it is only through working with people who are drastically different from us that we are able to derive the most important human emotion: empathy. When I spent a semester abroad in Gulu, Uganda, I witnessed people living in some of the most under-developed centers in the world. Seeing mothers raise children that were unlikely to survive, and fathers drink their days away because food was harder to procure than liquor made me feel both grateful and powerless. I am pursuing a masters in international social work, because I want to equip myself with the necessary tools to not feel powerless anymore.

Supporting evidence examples
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Supporting evidence proves a claim to be true. Supporting evidence can be a summary, paraphrased or a direct quote. Supporting evidence is a crucial part in body paragraphs and it is important to be discerning in the evidence chosen.

Supporting evidence examples
– Adults have a more developed instinct of self-preservation than teenagers and children.
– Dr. Chelsey Livingston from BAAR states that children and teenagers seem to have less concerns about their lives and physical well being than adults; she believes it is connected to the ability to predict possible outcomes of one’s own actions, which adults usually possess to a greater extent than younger generations (BAAR website).

Supporting evidence examples

  1. Quote if you can’t say it any better and the author’s words are particularly brilliant, witty, edgy, distinctive, a good illustration of a point you’re making, or otherwise interesting.
  2. Quote if you are using a particularly authoritative source and you need the author’s expertise to back up your point.
  3. Quote if you are analyzing diction, tone, or a writer’s use of a specific word or phrase.
  4. Quote if you are taking a position that relies on the reader’s understanding exactly what another writer says about the topic.

As writers, we sometimes assume that our readers already know what we are talking about; we may be wary of elaborating too much because we think the point is obvious. But readers can’t read our minds: although they may be familiar with many of the ideas we are discussing, they don’t know what we are trying to do with those ideas unless we indicate it through explanations, organization, transitions, and so forth. Try to spell out the connections that you were making in your mind when you chose your evidence, decided where to place it in your paper, and drew conclusions based on it. Remember, you can always cut prose from your paper later if you decide that you are stating the obvious.


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