sentence with flounder

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sentence with flounder

Among fish, sprat, whiting, flounder and sand goby abundance have all increased since the initiation of power station closures.
Aside from children using parental differences as a bargaining tool, they tend to lose faith in parents that flounder and don’t follow through on plans and propositions.

Sentence with flounder
Synonyms: Verb

  • blunder,
  • bumble,
  • flog
  • [ British ],
  • limp,
  • lumber,
  • plod,
  • struggle,
  • stumble,
  • trudge

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Sentence with flounder
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What we’ve done so far, you might best describe as flounder .

1 Struggle or stagger clumsily in mud or water.
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21. Dover’s town beach for flounder.
8. Dover Breakwater offered flounder, dabs and small pout with the inside wall best.


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