questions to ask for essay film

questions to ask for essay film

Questions to ask for essay film
I’m not the hugest fan of The Last Jedi, nor is it a perfect screenplay, but it does provide three distinct storylines (Rey, Finn, and Poe) that can demonstrate how being able to answer these seven questions can reveal your story’s strengths, and how not being able to can reveal where your story could be lacking.
If you’ve ever taken a screenwriting class before, you’re probably familiar with what Hyden talks about in the video, namely establishing the wants and needs of a character, how they conflict with each other, and how they change (or don’t) once they address the conflict. However, as Hyden points out, Film Crit Hulk provides a helpful way of making sure that your story has all of the necessary narrative elements.

Who is the primary antagonist in the film?
Why is it important that Rod is the one who picks up Chris?

9. The resolution to the problem in the film can be satisfying or disheartening. Think about how some of your own problems have been resolved; write about a time when the solution was satisfying and write about a time when the solution was disheartening.
8. What motivates the protagonist in his or her struggle against the antagonist?

Questions to ask for essay film
Tony is the Network Co-ordinator for the Lausanne Media Engagement Network. He helps Christian leaders in relating media and the Bible (especially the prophets) through his work as a speaker and writer. Tony works partly in association with Damaris Norway, but lives in the UK. See all Tony’s articles on
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Questions to ask for essay film
This is one of a series of lists of questions, published in association with the Study Guide Writing essays.
These are suggested questions to ask as you review and revise your essay. They can be asked in any order.

  • Have I used an appropriate number of examples? Are they good examples?
  • Have I used enough evidence from the literature?
  • Have I made sufficient reference to relevant theory?
  • Was the structure I used a useful one in supporting my argument, or does it need to be modified?
  • Does my writing fall clearly within the structure I have used, or has it become a bit mixed up in places?
  • Is all of the material I have used relevant to the essay title?
  • What is the balance in my essay across the different elements of the title? Have I used too many words to address one element, and too few to address another?
  • Have I answered what was actually set, of have I answered what I preferred to write about?


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