nick o loden

nick o loden

Small in stature but large in maturity and coachability, Nick has been taking advanced classes in school since the fourth grade, earning almost entirely straight A’s while also working his way through Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Life Rank and currently pursuing his Eagle Scout Rank.
For Loden, son of three-time Hickory Motor Speedway champion Andy Loden and a winner of 180 quarter-midget races and numerous local, regional and national championships prior to moving to the late model stock cars last season, this year is both an opportunity to continue learning about how to drive a stock car against some stiff competition and an opportunity to run at several new tracks. The articulate young hotshoe welcomes the challenge.

Loosely adapted from a Daniel Lang’s Casualties of War, Elia Kazan’s penultimate film is ostensibly about the aftermath of Vietnam. Yet in a deeper way, this harrowing work also reflects on his own experiences with HUAC. Patrick McVey stars as a veteran who is visited by two ex-Army buddies on whom he had informed for war crimes, and the film chronicles in horrific detail what ensues after their unexpected arrival. At a production level Kazan was inspired by his wife Barbara Loden and her work on Wanda, and engaged Wanda cinematographer Nick Proferes to shoot his follow-up. Kazan’s son Chris Kazan wrote the script and the 16mm filming took place in their own house. This overlooked work in the Kazan filmography is at once flawed and devastating, offering a vivid display of the demons that haunted one of America’s greatest directors.
Restored by the UCLA Film & Television Archive, in cooperation with Televentures Corp and Parlour Pictures. Preservation funded by The Film Foundation and GUCCI.

Nick o loden
Much later, I realized I’d harshly judged Wanda because I had literally never seen a female character on screen with those traits before – morally questionable, listless, alienated, an utterly lost soul. We are so used to seeing these traits in male characters, to the point where it’s become an archetype. So often are we shown classic anti-hero characters in film, TV and literature, but rarely do we see anti-heroines.
Barbara Loden is my inspiration because, as a pioneering female filmmaker, she worked without a net, without role models, without a network of female collaborators – as a lone wolf. She did not have the opportunity like I did to work with a female D.P. (Zoe White), or to proudly assembly a crew that was 80 percent female and 50 percent POC, like I was fortunate to do.

Nick o loden
Wanda is so true: It really hits you between the eyes.” —Sight and Sound
With her first and only feature film—a gritty drama she wrote, directed, and starred in—Barbara Loden (1932–1980) created a groundbreaking work of American independent cinema.

Nick o loden
One such racer is the young Loden, who has competed on Labonte’s track as he builds up experience. Loden has compiled 130 wins over the past two years on tracks all over the country and has raced in prestigious events such as the USAC Battle at the Brickyard, held each year at the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
Photo courtesy of Loden family


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