interpretive summary example

interpretive summary example

Some Cautions
Interpretive Summary

Currently, client seemed to show symptoms of depression and this could be due to the various losses he suffered. He showed symptoms of insomnia, irritability, low mood, poor appetite and malnourished state.
It was gathered that client seemed to have suffered a lot of losses. He is a divorcee who had lost contact with all his children and his ex-wife. He had also lost all support from his siblings, and lastly his sister chased him out as she could not cope with his behavioural problems of drinking and gambling addiction. Even his last known friend have ‘evicted’ him and are no longer contactable. Now he felt much worst, as he feared that his physical status might worsen. He is lonely without any support or any money on him.

Interpretive summary example
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Title: How to Write Meaningful Interpretive Summaries

Together, therapist and Sarah identified times when Sarah is motivated. She explained that she is most motivated when she is at work. Having concrete, actionable tasks helps Sarah feel useful.
Disclaimer: This outline is meant to serve as a basic template you can tailor to suit your needs.


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