Good Work-Life Balance Jobs

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Each of these industries received highly favorable work-life balance scores from employees by providing innovative programs, such as the ability to work from anywhere, flexible working schedules, and unlimited paid time off.

Project Analyst rounds up the top 15 most rewarding jobs for work-life balance

The Highest-Paying Jobs for Work-Life Balance

Whether you love your job or not, it isn’t fun when it takes up all of your free time. This may negatively impact your life and increase your chances of experiencing burnout. According to a Spring Health survey from 2020, about one in 10 people have experienced a complete burnout . Millions of people are looking for work-life balance, more now than ever.

Work-life balance may mean something different to everyone, depending on your personal preferences and needs. This article will give you information about what work-life balance is, the best jobs for work-life balance, what companies have a balanced work culture, and 10 of the highest-paying jobs for work-life balance.

Best work-life balance jobs

Here are 27 of the best jobs that encourage flexibility and a strong balance between your professional and personal life. For the most up-to-date salary information from Indeed, click on the national average salary link for each job title below.

1. Substitute teacher

Primary duties: Substitute teachers instruct a classroom when the regular teacher is unavailable. Depending on the need, a substitute teacher can fill in for a day or a longer timeframe. Some of their responsibilities include taking attendance, maintaining a clean classroom and assisting students with their homework. Because of their job, substitute teachers need to be flexible and adapt to changing classroom cultures.

2. Library assistant

Primary duties: Also known as a library technician, library assistants help perform the basic day-to-day tasks and functions to keep a library running. They assist visitors looking for materials, perform clerical tasks such as answering telephones, renew or charge materials and maintain the library’s records. Library assistants typically work at a desk or computer terminal within a library.

3. Research technician

Primary duties: Research technicians assist scientists with the practical aspects of their research and various experiments. Some of their responsibilities include collecting data, conducting tests, gathering information and data, interpreting their research and ordering inventory and various equipment. Research technicians have strong analytical skills, computer literacy and good attention to detail.

4. Web designer

Primary duties: Web designers are information technology professionals who oversee a website’s visual appearance. They use their creativity and technical skills to ensure the website’s usability, adhere to design guidelines set by their client and help improve the overall design of a website.

5. Recruiting coordinator

Primary duties: Recruiting coordinators help a company’s human resources department by ensuring the successful management of candidates through their recruitment process. They help guide candidates through both the interviewing and hiring process. Recruiting coordinators post new job openings, schedule interviews, create job offer letters and conduct candidate background checks.

Pros and Cons

Social Media Managing is a new field with only a few people working in it. You need to figure out the algorithm of every social media to start managing it. It’s a complicated job, but the working hours depend upon your skills.

Every company is trying to establish itself on the internet, and web developers help them do so by designing and creating a website for them. A web developer designs the layout of the website and programs it to make it functional. It is a high paying job with good work-balance; it offers a high salary with a little requirement.

web developer

Market Demand: Web developers are expected to grow about 13% in the next ten years, regarding the U.S. BUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS . It is way more than any other job in the market.

Average Salary : The average salary of a web developer is $65,000-$80,000 per annum. The mean income is about $73,760 and is anticipated to rise to 6 digits in the tenure of five years.

Jobs for better work-life balance

Work-Life balance rating: 4.1
Average annual salary: $58,661
What they do: Identify qualified personnel to work for the company and facilitate their entry into relevant positions in the firm.
Best work-life balance companies: Chicago Social Media Marketing Group, Staffing Advisors of Maryland

User Experience Designer has a rating of 4.1 of work life balance job

Next steps

Build the skills companies are hiring for in remote-friendly industries like project management, UX design, social media management, and data analysis by earning a Professional Certificate from industry leaders at Google and Meta. Learn at your own pace from anywhere with an internet connection.


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