flounder sentence

flounder sentence

Flounder sentence
Where the crust held us we made good time, but most of the way we had to flounder along through soft drifts.
They rise to Alpine heights of pure wisdom and power, leaving him to flounder ignobly in the mire of his own fatuity.

Flounder sentence
Despite the fact that flounder is a relatively common English verb, its origins in the language remain obscure. It is thought that it may be an alteration of an older verb, founder. To founder is to become disabled, to give way or collapse, or to come to grief or to fail. In the case of a waterborne vessel, to founder is to sink. The oldest of these senses of founder, “to become disabled,” was also used, particularly in reference to a horse and its rider, for the act of stumbling violently or collapsing. It may have been this sense of founder that later appeared in altered form as flounder in the sense of “to stumble.”
1592, in the meaning defined at sense 1

Aside from children using parental differences as a bargaining tool, they tend to lose faith in parents that flounder and don’t follow through on plans and propositions.
Flounder can even be found many miles from the sea, high up in rivers where the water is completely fresh.

16. Only the off flounder left on the north bank at Portmadoc with no reports from the estuary.
15. The fisherman made the request of the flounder, and this wish came true too.

1 Struggle or stagger clumsily in mud or water.
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