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develop sentences

Sony has developed a new portable CD player
His reading skills will develop a little more quickly now that he is getting extra attention.

Develop sentences
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Develop sentences
You might already be using linking words, but here’s some examples to help you gain the full benefits of them in your writing.
Each sentence should contain one idea. Make sure you don’t try to fit two separate points into one long sentence. This means you need to omit digressions (shifts in focus) from your writing so each point is strong and stays on topic. Also, omit any deviations (unrelated details).

Develop sentences
Time spent daily on writing instruction that encourages students to ponder what their sentences are saying to the reader and how to stretch them out to paint a clear picture can be very valuable. Teachers and students alike will move from task writing to more fulfilling and enjoyable writing when they put these simple steps into place.
Students can really stretch out their sentences by adding detail (Where? When? How? Why?) to simple sentences through the process of sentence expanding.

Develop sentences
I’m pretty sure our friend didn’t mean to tell his sweetheart that he was the only person on the planet that loved her. Structure that sentence a bit better and he would have had a much more pleasant result.
‘I love only you!’


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