aristotle research paper

aristotle research paper

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Aristotle research paper
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Another philosophical theory that was brought forth by Aristotle was that of psychology. One of his writings, on the soul provided a universal interpretation of the nature and quantity of cognitive faculties principles of the soul. Other writings such as the Parva naturalia made use of the universal theory to a wide variety of psychological occurrences ranging from sleeping, dreaming and waking to memory and reminiscence (Bryant 1996).
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Aristotle research paper
More than a philosopher and biologist, Aristotle taught Alexander the Great, who was a 13-year-old boy when Aristotle taught him valor, and the need to dominate and conquer the barbarians. When he returned to Athens, he continued teaching his importance of the city-state philosophy, and also continued his biological studies. Following the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC, Aristotle feared harm from factions in Athens. He left for the island of Euboea, where he died at age 62 from a stomach illness. Like Plato, Aristotle’s philosophy and biology advancements are still admired and studied today.
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Aristotle is one of the most well-known philosophers. His views on the idea of metaphysics have been upheld for hundreds of years, he truly seemed to be a man with a wisdom that transcends time. Metaphysics is the study of theory or reality. Sometimes the term is also used in relation to transcending reality of the physical world. Metaphysics is the search to look beyond what we see to discover the reason for existence. This topic is one of great interest to Aristotle. While both have great insight into metaphysics the essential disagree on all theories. By looking at the theories of Aristotle, we can gain a better insight into moral, scientific, and philosophic concepts.
For centuries man has been trying to determine what makes a person moral. Some have theorized that babies are born with an innate sense of morality while others debate this theory with their own beliefs that human ethics are molded by their environment. Aristotle was one of the first to address the theory of ethics, and according to some it is still one of the foremost theories on the subject of virtue. Aristotle listed ten virtues in his writing that he saw as being most important in becoming an ethical person (“Aristotle”). He also had a view that dualism existed between the body and the soul. He feels that God lives through us as stated in Genesis 2:7 The “breath of life” that God is described as breathing into Adam’s nostrils is not a soul but the gift of life itself (Stevenson & Haberman, pg. 75).
The highest fulfillment of human life was only attainable to those that gained rational knowledge, human morality is part of a personal transcendent of God.( Stevenson & Haberman, pg. 76) Aristotle also believes that the highest form of morality and goodness is happiness. He saw happiness is the ultimate end for human beings and happiness alone makes life worth living.
“To be virtuous is to be a good human being; it is enough to know what human virtue is.”(Stevenson & Haberman, 95) The virtuous person, according to Aristotle, makes a person superior to others, where deliberation may defeat them in control of their actions. To Aristotle, the basis of all virtue is the same, and that one can’t have one virtue without the others. Wisdom and knowledge are highly emphasized as being the best way to develop virtues. Self-control and reason are both factors in maintain morality under this concept. (Stevenson & Haberman, 95)
In this concept, “the soul is a kind of “harmony” of the functioning body, like the music made by an instrument when properly tuned and played.”(Stevenson & Haberman, pg. 96) In dualist theory the soul is non-material and can exist apart from the body (Stevenson & Haberman, pg. 96)


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